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Postal address:

Aircraft Tracking Avionics, P.O. Box 330, Vermont, Victoria, Australia, 3133 .

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Office phone:

International: 613-98723233

Victoria, Australia only: 98723233

Other Australia, outside Victoria: 03-98723233

Mobile phone:

0409007271 (Robin Hickman, Manager)

 Useful Links

Kinetic Avionics  (Downloads, updates, user forums)

 (This site has a number of very useful Youtube articles to do with installation of special features and problems to do with SBS receivers. eg Select FTDI errors if you think you are having a problem installing SBS driver.)

Sales Australasia, etc
Aircraft Tracking Avionics

FlightRadar24   A very useful, unique, free, real time, interesting site fed by amateur enthusiasts around the world, data sharing their ADS-B data, to show aircraft across the globe.

Open CPN is free, shows A.I.S. marine surveillance data and has a chart plotting facility as well.

oz-modeS, ADS-B helpful Australian forum -

Civil Aviation Safety Authority

Planeplotter - an alternative display for ADS-B and data sharing

Australian Airport Radio Frequencies - Air Traffic Services:

 * Export Prices: for New Zealand, and countries outside Australia, contact us for special  (GST exempt) prices, including postage.  

         ( Please check that ADS-B or AIS receivers are allowed to be imported in to your country, and if there are any duties or extra charges applicable.)

* Stock of  receivers & antenna accessories carried in Melbourne for prompt delivery - we aim to despatch within 1 working day.

* Our prices include GST for Australia only - (GST free outside Australia) and free Postage to anywhere in Australia for orders over $60 . Can send by Express Post in Australia for $3.00 extra, up to 3KG.

* No surcharge for Visa or Master Card

* 12 months warranty- backed by us and the manufacturers

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 Contact us/ Links

A.T.A.:    ABN: 56006167399 (established 1983)


( Enquiries from interested resellers welcome )