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Kinetic Avionics SBS-3 receiver                                       

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ADS-B / AIS Marine band / VHF and UHF Multi Channel Software Defined Radio Receiver / AIS & ACARS Decoder

 The SBS-3 features include:

  • Onboard decoding for 1090MHz aircraft ADS-b (including mode-A, C, S & ADS-B), marine AIS & ACARS.
  • Dual independent 27Mhz to 980 Mhz SDR Tuners with 8Mhz Bandwidth per tuner (eg Air Traffic).
  • AM-FM Radio, ACARS and AIS
  • Monitor up to 6 channels at the same time.
    Listen to VHF on one tuner, UHF on the other and digitally mix the two together.
  • Full speed 100M Ethernet interface with concurrent multiple sockets.
  • On board digital audio mixing plus stereo output DAC and audio interface. Audio output over Ethernet.
  • USB connectivity. Powered via the USB connector, either by PC, USB hub or in-car charger outlet.
  • Raw Data output for Mode-S, AIS, and all other demodulations such as ACARS.
  • Onboard processing and demodulation - NO PC REQUIRED.
  • Ideal for remote site monitoring
    2C Options interface for external controllers and peripherals (eg Ethernet, RS-232) from auxillary port.
  • 3.5mm dual channel audio output & digital streaming
  • Open API (Application Programming Interface and Protocol) available for developers who wish to write their own software. Download available from Kinetic Avionics direct.
  • RS-232 interface built in for external radio receiver control
  • GPS input over RS-232 to assist mobile applications 
  • The SBS-3 is a true stand-alone SDR radio receiver, unlike the majority of so-called SDR receivers on the market, which are, in reality, just digital tuners!
  • The SBS-3 performs all demodulation and decoding operations internally, without the need for any third-party software or any other PC software , enabling genuine stand-alone operation. This unique design means that numerous audio/data streams can be monitored simultaneously and remotely.
  •  The SBS-3 works as either a Client or a Server which enables you to either connect to it, or it can connect to a designated server over the local network or indeed the internet, for true stand-alone use.
  • The SBS-3 is a flexible design with a phenomenally large FPGA, allowing for future additional on-board decoders for formats such as POCSAG and many others.
  • The SBS-3 is a revolutionary hardware product that combines the included display software and allows aviation & marine professionals, and enthusiasts worldwide, the ability to monitor the skies and seas in an unprecedented fashion.
  • It provides a true Real-Time Virtual Radar display on a PC or MAC screen showing Mode-S/ADS-B equipped aircraft and AIS equipped vessels immediately around them.
  • Works with Windows XP, Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit), Windows 8, Apple OSX with parallels.
  • Compatible with PlanePlotter & ShipPlotter.
  • The SBS-3 follows on from the very successful SBS-1, SBS-1 Mk2, SBS-1e and SBS-1eR and it adds the new features of SDR AM/FM receiver covering a wide range of frequencies, on 6 channels, including the VHF and UHF Air bands, ACARS, the VHF Marine band and the broadcast FM band.
  • There are currently three ACARS channels in use in the Sydney area, So you can monitor AIS and the three ACARS channels: 131.450, 131.550 and 136.125.
    If you are using AIS you need to be careful when you update to the new
    6 channel firmware and Basestation. If you want to use AIS on the NMEA port with Shipplotter you need to setup the frequency 161.975 for SDR6. The second AIS frequency is then automatically used. So you have 5 SDRs left!
    The messages on the NMEA port will not be generated if you use other SDRs for AIS!
  • Useful instrument also for locating aircraft for 'Aircraft Enhanced Propagation' radio system to extend radio range .
Kinetic have revised their download update system and it is now easier to download BaseStation & firmware updates (including ACARS application, the release of beta firmware and a Basestation release to provide 6 receiver channels on the SBS-3) from . No charges for firmware updates.
SBS-3 product kit contains:
Everything you need to get going with your computer, including  SBS-3 receiver, ADS-B (1090MHz) magnetic base antenna with 3 metre co-ax cable, VHF wire antenna for AIS facility & radio,   USB computer cable, &  software CD.
For computer display, the SBS-3 is powered via the USB connector, from either a PC, laptop or iPad.
For data feeding using the ethernet connection, say via the internet, a separate, (independent from a computer), USB 2 amp power supply is required (but not included in SBS-3 product kit) - either mains USB AC adapter or an in-car USB charger outlet.
We stock a USB 2.1 amp, AC mains power supplies, part number USB-2A-ACp/s, or an ethernet/internet connection kit which includes the USB 2.1 amp AC power supply as well as a 1.2 metre ethernet patch cable - see price list page at .

Global Navigation Systems, Germany -  GNS5890 ADS-B Receiver

GNS 5890 ADS-B USB receiver kit

Small, compact ADS-B 1090 MHz high sensitivity receiver stick.
Connects to computer using USB port only - no need for separate power supply.
Power consumption 50mA/250mW.
You may wish to connect to computer with USB extension cable to prevent mechanical pressure on computer USB socket and if USB sockets very close together and extra width of ADS-B receiver interferes with adjacent USB plug. See item (USBm/USBf/23) on Prices/ordering page at .
Works with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, Android 4x & higher

Driver & software download from internet (no CD, no charge)
2 year manufacturer warranty
Package contents
GNS5890 USB receiver
Magnetic base antenna with 2 metre co-ax cable
Quick guide brochure - full manual available for download from internet

What is aircraft ADS-B ?  
ADS-B stands for Automatic Dependent Surveillance-broadcast. It is the modern, new technology system used by aircraft for transmitting their position as well as altitude, speed, bearing, ascending/descending rate, and identification. ADS-B equipped aircraft transmit this information automatically and rapidly. ADS-B data provides more information and with far greater accuracy than the old radar system. (Radar is also extremely expensive to manufacture, instal, maintain and requires a very large amount of power to operate.)
The ADS-B signals are transmitted from the aircraft on 1090Mhz .
Most non-recreational planes  (including commercial, military, & Flying Doctor) are now ADS-B  equipped. The US FAA has announced that it has now deployed the ADS-B technology across the entire  U.S.A. . Also, the use of ADS-B avionics has been mandated in Australia for all aircraft operating in Australian controlled airspace above 29,000 feet, from 12/12/2013. Airservices Australia has rolled out a new network of ADS-B ground stations to give coverage to nearly all the Australian continent, whereas the current radar coverage is limited to about 11 zones each with a maximum radius of about 200 miles.
Most small recreational aircraft do not have this facility at the moment.
Industry & government users, as well as enthusiasts, can track ADS-B equipped aircraft live on their own computer screens in real time, just like Air Traffic Control, for a very reasonable cost. This includes most commercial planes flying Australian domestic routes and  international flights to Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe, USA and other countries.


 * Export Prices: for New Zealand, and countries outside Australia, contact us for special  (GST exempt) prices, including postage.  

         ( Please check that ADS-B or AIS receivers are allowed to be imported in to your country, and if there are any duties or extra charges applicable.)

* Stock of  receivers & antenna accessories carried in Melbourne for prompt delivery - we aim to despatch within 1 working day.

* Our prices include GST for Australia only - (GST free outside Australia) and free Postage to anywhere in Australia for orders over $60 . Can send by Express Post in Australia for $3.00 extra, up to 3KG.

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* 12 months warranty- backed by us and the manufacturers

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