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Global Navigation Systems, Germany -  GNS5890 ADS-B Receiver

GNS 5890 ADS-B USB receiver kit

Small, compact ADS-B 1090 MHz high sensitivity receiver stick.
Connects to computer using USB port only - no need for separate power supply.
Power consumption 50mA/250mW.
You may wish to connect to computer with USB extension cable to prevent mechanical pressure on computer USB socket and if USB sockets very close together and extra width of ADS-B receiver interferes with adjacent USB plug. See item (USBm/USBf/23) on Prices/ordering page at .
Works with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, Android 4x & higher

Driver & software download from internet (no CD, no charge)
2 year manufacturer warranty
Package contents
GNS5890 USB receiver
Magnetic base antenna with 2 metre co-ax cable
Quick guide brochure - full manual available for download from internet

What is aircraft ADS-B ?  
ADS-B stands for Automatic Dependent Surveillance-broadcast. It is the modern, new technology system used by aircraft for transmitting their position as well as altitude, speed, bearing, ascending/descending rate, and identification. ADS-B equipped aircraft transmit this information automatically and rapidly. ADS-B data provides more information and with far greater accuracy than the old radar system. (Radar is also extremely expensive to manufacture, instal, maintain and requires a very large amount of power to operate.)
The ADS-B signals are transmitted from the aircraft on 1090Mhz .
Most non-recreational planes  (including commercial, military, & Flying Doctor) are now ADS-B  equipped. The US FAA has announced that it has now deployed the ADS-B technology across the entire  U.S.A. . Also, the use of ADS-B avionics has been mandated in Australia for all aircraft operating in Australian controlled airspace above 29,000 feet, from 12/12/2013. Airservices Australia has rolled out a new network of ADS-B ground stations to give coverage to nearly all the Australian continent, whereas the current radar coverage is limited to about 11 zones each with a maximum radius of about 200 miles.
Most small recreational aircraft do not have this facility at the moment.
Industry & government users, as well as enthusiasts, can track ADS-B equipped aircraft live on their own computer screens in real time, just like Air Traffic Control, for a very reasonable cost. This includes most commercial planes flying Australian domestic routes and  international flights to Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe, USA and other countries.


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         ( Please check that ADS-B or AIS receivers are allowed to be imported in to your country, and if there are any duties or extra charges applicable.)

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* 12 months warranty- backed by us and the manufacturers

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